How Does Extreme Endurance Work? Interview With Xendurance Owner: Sandy Kellin

Sandy Kellin, owner of Xendurance explains Extreme Endurance You hear about lactic acid. Lactic Acid is one part lactate and another part acid. Within the two, we have this hydrogen ion that is an acid.

In our work to create an impactful product, we knew we would need to reduce that hydrogen ion. And, we did. Within Extreme Endurance, we were able to successfully reduce that hydrogen ion - that acid - by 15%!

In doing so, athletes bodies are just able to do more that before Extreme Endurance. And another great think about this product is the recovery athletes are going to have.

You're going to be fresher in recovery.

You're going to have a lot less muscle soreness.

Athletes tell us that Extreme Endurance is just a product that once they use it, they will never train again without it. We are very thankful to have created such a supplement to help these champions excel and win. I encourage you to give it a try, too.

Everyday, like a multi-vitamin, you simply take:

3 tablets in the morning

3 tablets in the evening

If you are training four or more times a week, you take it every day all season long. It's that simple. Then as you move to a week to ten days before your next big event, race or competition, you will want to begin taking 4 tablets in the morning and then 4 tablets in the evening.

One thing we discovered about this product, it works so well that all of our professional athletes simply would not talk about it. They just did not want their competition to know.

Extreme Endurance Successes:

Timo Bracht went out and shattered the Frankfurt Ironman record. In front of a half million fans, he ran this second biggest ironman in the world in under eight hours.

Extreme Endurance is certified drug free and been used to help world-renowned athletes win gold medals in the;

2008 Summer Olympic Games (Beijing, China)

2010 Winter Olympic Games (Vancouver, British Columbia)

2012 Summer Olympic Games (London, England)

Trust me, Extreme Endurance is something you can use safely every day just like your multi-vitamin.

I encourage you to give it a try.

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