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Our first responsibility and passion is to the athlete, to you. We founded Xendurance on the idea that we can use high quality ingredients with clinically proven product formulas to help you reach your potential.

  • We believe you can run faster, lift heavier, go farther.

  • We believe that showing up and doing your best counts as a win.

  • We believe your PB is not always your PR.

  • We believe you should be having fun with your fitness.

  • We believe in testing, re-testing, and testing again.

  • We believe in integrity and honesty.

  • We believe if you work hard you will always be better than you were yesterday.

  • We truly believe that your only limits are self imposed.


We, at Xendurance, work hard to ensure our clinically-proven product formulas and advanced ingredients are built to help boost your workouts and performance, so you may push your daily limits and achieve elite get out there and do great things.

Thank you to all who have have take the time to leave reviews of our Xendurance products. Your feedback and encouragement is so appreciated. We love to hear how Xendurance is helping you in real time. We really do appreciate your encouraging words that push us forward to continue our work and development for excellence.

You choose where you're going. We will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

Look what some are saying about Fuel 5:

Max: This is my favorite carbohydrate supplement, and my favorite xendurance product. I mix 2 scoops of the fuel5 and 1 scoop of the xendurance recovery protein as a pre workout. My energy during the workout has never been better. My recovery is going through the roof. I love it. I also recommend using it during your long competetors training sessions. No other intra-carb is better, Fuel5 is the real deal.

Cooper: Using fuel 5 for pre and post workout has helped me in the gym more than any other thing I have added to my training. On days where I feel sluggish I get enough energy from the short range carbs, and can keep moving due to the long range ones. I love that it has no stimulants and is so clean too! Definitely recommend to everyone in the fitness world.

Amazon Cust: Clean energy!! I am able to sustain my energy throughout my workout as the 5 different carbohydrates breakdown at different times. I love that it is stimulant free and it is also great for my recovery after my workouts.

Ingold: Better than any other carb supplement I have tried. I love that it is non-gmo and they use organic sweet potato. clean product that tastes great!

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