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    Create a cornerstone of healthy habits with our Daily Foundation Bundle.

    This trio of Xendurance products are a healthy foundation for everyone no matter your age or activity level. Essential, Immune Boost and Omega+D3 provide important immune support for the body. These three formulas help promote brain function, heart health, eye health and fight free radical damage and oxidative stress, which in turn nurtures healthy aging. Get hooked on feeling your best every day with the Daily Foundation.*

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    Immune Boost

    Immune Boost is a powerful, immune support formula packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and advanced bioavailability to help build a healthy, strong immune system. Antioxidants and minerals are crucial in helping to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress, which help guard against the effects of aging. Immune Boost has additional free radical, cell protection in the form of acai fruit, broccolic sprout and curcumin. Bioperine is added to increase absorption of these nrf2 activators and further provide maximum benefits. Immune Boost also helps protect your eyes from blue light retina damage with science backed ingredients, lutein and zeaxanthin, at research dosages.* Click to learn more about Immune Boost

    Omega + D3

    Omega+D3 contains ultra pure, triglyceride EPA and DHA omegas plus 4,000 IUs of vitamin D. EPA and DHA omegas promote heart and brain health and support joint mobility, however these benefits are only effective if your body actually absorbs these essential fatty acids. Studies show that fish oil in the triglyceride form is absorbed 70% more than ethyl esters (EE) omegas. The triglyceride form provides for better absorption and helps reduce the risk of molecular instability. The vitamin D in Omega+D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body absorbs and is essential to help the body retain minerals such as calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin D is also linked to better immune system function and has been studied to help improve overall mood. Click to learn more about Omega+D3.*

    Essential is Clinically Proven.

    Clinical studies have proven immense benefits for the athlete and weekend warrior while using Essential (also known as Extreme Endurance). The anti-aging advantages now surpass all expectations for this unique formula.VO2 max testing can be a predictor of longevity. A VO2 max test evaluates whether your heart and lungs are functioning at their optimum. Essential has shown massive improvement in VO2 max in just two weeks. The leading cause of many degenerative diseases is Oxidative Stress (cell and tissue damage). Clinical data shows a 39% reduction of Oxidative Stress in just 10 days while using Essential. For over a decade, studies provide convincing data on the anti-aging effects Essential offers for those looking to increase their longevity and live a healthier life. Learn more about the Essential benefits here.



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