[NEW] Triumph Bundle - 8 Products to Enhance Your Fitness

on February 09, 2016

With the addition of Extreme Endurance, a revolutionary formula in tablet form aimed to buffer lactic acid by up to 15%, increase aerobic threshold while simultaneously reducing muscle soreness, Xendurance is thrilled to offer the the Xendurance Triumph Bundle for your fitness needs. Now is the perfect time to leverage your endurance in one fitness bundle that includes a range of our products, which have all undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are drug free. The Xendurance Triumph Bundle includes all your fitness needs from these eight products that enhance your health, training, and fitness.

  1. Protein: Recovery & Rebuild
  2. Fuel-5: Quick Energy & Sustained Energy
  3. Creatine-JB: Muscle Growth, Muscle Strength & Muscle Energy
  4. Hydro-X: Hydration & Energy
  5. Extreme Endurance: Performance, Endurance, Recovery
  6. Immune Boost: Daily multi-vitamin & Immune Support
  7. Joint-4: Joint Health & Join Movement
  8. Omega: Immunce System, Join Mobility, & Cardiovascular Health