She Moves, an online fitness collective that provides women a sense of stability and strength in an uncertain time. We offer FREE, daily classes via Zoom that are open to ALL women, because we know that exercise is transformative for our physical and mental health. Xendurance is proud to support XND She Moves as part of our continued commitment to supporting health, community and wellness ... for everyone.

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"You guys have not only provided a way to stay fit during all this, but it is so nice to see other ladies faces on a daily basis, it truly made it seem like we are all in this together.  It was also great to get out of my comfort zone and try new class types, instructors and challenges! Thanks for everything and again I am so thankful and in awe of you two rockstar ladies and the coaches for giving up their free time to make this happen!"
- Jessica Knude

"I just turned 50 in March, right as the pandemic was spreading. As much as I tried not to let it bother me, I have to admit it did a little bit.  When the gym shut down I was really worried about how I would stay in shape. I didn’t want to slip, especially now that I am in a new decade!  Debbie sent me the invite for your community and it was a game changer for me! I always felt welcome and was pleasantly surprised that I could keep up with most of them. It gave me a lot of confidence, seeing all the trainers from around the country and all the other ladies and knowing that I was fit too!"
- Kera Morris

"I started working out with them every day via Zoom, and it was a bright spot in an otherwise horrifying time.  We were all being bombarded with stress and quarantine.  XND SheMoves brought health, joy, and those oh-so-needed endorphins back to the forefront.  Seeing 50+ women logging in to workout daily gave me a community again; seeing instructors I knew from my gym made me feel at home again.  Not only that, but it opened me up to other types of workouts. I'm so incredibly blessed to know and to sweat, share, and cry with XND SheMoves."
- Leslie Moore

"This special community was truly a gift. I had no idea, when my dear friend, Emily Barna, invited me to join the Facebook group, that it would become so important to my daily life. In a world full of uncertainty, it has helped to keep me sane, and I will forever be grateful for Emily, Sarah, all of the beautiful women who made this group what it is today and, of course, for every insane workout completed."
- Katie Gamero

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