Extreme Endurance Takes On “Fran”

Using “FRAN" To Prove The Effectiveness of Extreme Endurance from XENDURANCE on Vimeo Extreme Endurance Takes On “Fran" Cross-Functional exercise, defined as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement," has revolutionized the sport of fitness in an attempt to seek out...
on November 14, 2013


Sets second fastest bike split in Ironman history.IM Florida is a speedway with 3 women breaking 9 hours and 3 men breaking 8Victor Del Corral of Spain posted a 10th-fastest ever men's Ironman distance time of 7:53:12 and Yvonne Van...
on November 08, 2013

Zach Bitter 2nd Place at USA 50 MIle Champs.

Congrats to Xendurance Athlete Zach Bitter who placed 2nd at the USA 50 Mile Championships in a time of 5hours and 32minutes.
on October 24, 2013